The doctor who doesn't give medicine

Dr. Nikhil Mehta lives in Mayu Colony, Pune. He is an MBBS doctor, he rarely suggests medicines to his patients.

He has studied Ayurveda. When the patient comes to him, he takes enough time to understand the patient's diet and lifestyle & suggests necessary changes in it and daily routine, and by only those changes the patient is cured.

Dr. Mehta goes to the root cause of the diseases, by what the patient is getting suffer, and suggests solutions accordingly. By giving the patient a lot of time allows the patient to increase confidence and interest in a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Nikhil Mehta says that health is one's own responsibility, and everyone needs to maintain it properly and be one's own doctor.

When I asked a doctor, how many times in a day I need to eat? he said let the body decide. Whenever a body needs food or water it will ask for the same. This is a very simple thing but nowadays people are making it complicated.

People do experiments on their body by reading to the books or by watching you-tube videos but don't listen to their own body. Therefore they bear consequences. Many dietitians ask their clients to stop oil-ghee from their diet, but stopping oil-ghee can cause illnesses such as joints pain, hair loss, skin wrinkles, bleeding etc.

There is a proverb in Marathi तूप खाल्ल्याशिवाय रूप येत नाही it means "Beauty will not come unless eating Ghee". A well-known cardiologist has reported that the doctors have defamed Ghee. Dr. Nikhil Mehta believes that ghee should be traditionally home-made. Also, they are of the opinion that refined oil should not be used in cooking instead, wooden churner or cold press oils should be used.

  • Once a guy from the IT field comes up with a complaint of acidity. After analysing his daily routine doctor advised him to get enough sleep and his acidity problem got cured.
  • A police officer suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBM) for many years. Doctors cured him with an oil enima and massage.
  • One patient was suffering from cold & cough. After coming in the doctor's contact, the doctor asked him how much water he drinks in a day, he answered four to five liters of water. Doctor advised him not to drink water deliberately, he advised him to drink water only if he is thirsty. And within four to five days his cold and cough got cured.
  • One of the patients had a knee operation. The doctor advised him to apply sesame oil on his knee daily, he experimented with this for two-three months and his knees pain is stopped.

Many such patients healed by only small advice of a doctor Nikhil Mehta. Doctors currently take Ayurveda Introduction classes in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore and teaches how to be your own doctor in it.

While teaching in their workshops, he give priority to three aspects; diet,sleep and mental health. They provide information on Vipassana meditation for health of the mind. Doctor says that if the mind is healthy, it helps the body to stay healthy.

In this way, many patients benefit from being cured in a very simple and easy way. They also have patients coming from overseas.

About two days ago I heard an interview with Dr. Vidyadhar Giri on IBN Lokmat, who said that the medicine liberation movement has started in about 71 countries to know the side effects of modern medicine.

It seems that, Pune's Dr. Nikhil Mehta started this movement some twenty years ago. To make contact with him I'm sharing his number below.

Patients who do not feel well with many medications or who want to get cured in simple ways, for those I have written this article.

Ashok Bharti

Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things - Isaac Newton

Let's find out the simple truth of our own health.

Everybody's body is different, diet is different, and according to seasons definitely day by day routine will change!

How can only one rule, one diet be applicable to everyone everyday? By doing this definitely mistakes will do occur.

So let's find the simple truth of our own health, body, diet and about the effects of this in our life and that too for the lifetime.

Let's learn a little bit about health independence

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