"Dr. Nikhil Mehta completed his MBBS in 1991 from Pravara Medical College, Loni. Fortunately while doing an internship with a friend of his, Vaidya Atulchandra Thombre advised him to attend the Yoga - Ayurveda Introduction course at - Tilak Maharashtra University, Pune. His old knowledge of Ayurveda had a profound effect on him and by 1996 he started to learn and experience Ayurveda seriously from various doctors. He stayed in Dhule about six months and he learned 'The Art of Healing' from one of the expert physician of Dhule P. T. Joshi. "


"In 1998 he started his own private practice where he treated the basic principles of Ayurveda in his patient's diet and lifestyle, at the very least use of medicines. Gradually he realized that most of his patients were ignorant of the basic rules of Ayurveda, which revealed that they were making the same mistakes over and over again and getting sick."


"Frequent mistakes made by patients should be avoided on their own. By this resolution, in 1999, he started 10-12 hours of workshops on health independence in which they were told about lifestyle, daily routine, menstrual cycle, home remedies, mental health and many more."

1999 to 2018

  • Thousands of people participated in health independence workshops.
  • Many foreigners came to India and participated in health independence workshops, some went abroad and started sharing this knowledge.
  • Health independence workshops started in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bhopal, Bangalore.
  • Workshops were held in many multinational companies.
  • This work was noticed in several newspapers.